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England won the Women's World Cup after center Emily Scarratt inspired a 21-9 victory over Canada at Stade Jean-Bouin in Paris. The Women's Rugby Club is just one of their Focus Sports inside the Athletic Union that have been identified as a high performance team and underneath the guidance of the Performance Director aim to get the highest standards. The WRFC plays its matches in the autumn and spring and is a part of the New England Rugby Football Union (NERFU). She will leave teaching at half term in October to develop into a full time pro rugby player.

Since taking over the armband from Catherine Spencer in the aftermath of England's 2010 World Cup final defeat on home soil, the South Shields -born star has juggled her international rugby obligations with teaching a reception class at Bexhill Academy in Sunderland. DARLINGTON Mowden Park Sharks lock Tamara Taylor was back at work only two days.

The Irish Rugby Football Union is challenging when they've they've what it takes, about representing Ireland to the planet stage, all female sports stars, who've dreamt, to learn. IRFU Performance Director David Nucifora on Ireland entering the Rugby Europe Sevens contest and how that fits with the development path for young players. Canada and 4 times in the past year have played England.

Scarratt then added 'Hopefully their World Cup has done something similar, not but the more people that learn about the sport realise there's another chance for them out there.' Things appear promising for women's sport then, although the statistics do not appear to be backing that up; The House of Commons released statistics recently stating that there's double the quantity of 18 year old girls not taking part in sport at least once a month compared to guys.

Mclean and every member of her squad in France get paid nothing for playing rugby and hold down full time jobs, or give up paid work to center in the sport they love. But women's rugby is all about to change and for the first time players like Maggie, Rocky and Katy have a significant choice to create. N The first Women's Rugby World Cup was held in 1991, just four years following the first men's tournament.

The movie will even touch in the real history of women's rugby in the usa and hopefully will add a true rookie story (still in discussions to picture). AH: Rugby was one of the very best choices they made within your life also it's given you so much (life long buddies, confidence, fitness, leadership skills), they needed to give back. Everyone on this team has their very own unique narrative of the journey to the world cup, and they wish they could have a movie for each player, but that is not possible in the films format.

After South Africa had won the final 15-12, a fairytale ending to its first important event as a democracy, Mandela -- still in his jersey -- handed the glistening gold World Cup trophy to the blond-haired Pienaar, an ideal picture of a new South Africa. And Mandela raised both his arms in celebration, grinning gleefully with undisguised and clear joy as Pienaar lifted the cup.

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