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Tony Collins is famous for his two exceptional academic histories of Rugby League that debunk many of the myths of this game while claiming its cultural and social value. The RFL was recently a part of the Stonewall Top 100 Workplace Index, becoming the very first sports organization to be named as a leadingemployer, an accolade that followed Super League player Gareth Thomas' acknowledgement as the 2010 Stonewall LGBT Hero of The Entire Year. Once upon a time, nevertheless, there was only one code that is rugby, and some purists want to view a return.

Certainly one of the matters all soccer codes have in common is their close association with locally significant if not dominant forms of masculinity, frequently with special class and national flavours; nearly all codes share a standard source - although Gaelic football was, in certain variants of its origin stories, specifically designed as an anti-English code significance it may be seen as having elements of being an anti-football soccer, while the indigenous influence on Australia football remains challenged (in this case,f Collins appears to align himself more with the Rugby School origin as opposed to native source).

The elite professional rugby league club competition in Australia is the National Rugby League (NRL). 3 teams from Queensland, 10 from New South Wales, 1 from Victoria and 1 from the Australian Capital Territory as well as 1 team contest the NRL's Telstra Premiership from New Zealand. Alongside these largely urban-based competitions state rugby league bodies run competitions throughout rural Queensland and New South Wales.

After the schism with Rugby Union the Northern Union started to transform the game into a different and distinct sport with its rules and playing fashion from just a specialist model of rugby union. The Northern Union toured Australia and New Zealand in 1910, a tour which marked the start of modern Rugby League. Highlights include the 1946 'Indomitables' Tour of Australia and New Zealand, which saw the British Lions triumphantly return with all the ashes. But they do not understand rugby.

Virtually alone among all other sports, the birth of rugby league has a precise date: Thursday, 29 August 1895. It was on this date that twenty one of the top rugby teams in the north of England met at the George Hotel in Huddersfield to found the Northern Rugby Football Union (better known as the Northern Union). The inter war years found the primary Challenge Cup Final at Wembley in 1929 as well as the establishment of Rugby League in France Rugby League has always looked outwards. Super League was created.

The results of the actions reverberate to this day; the assets were never returned, and even though the prohibition on rugby league was lifted, it was prevented from calling itself rugby from 1949 to the mid-1980s, having to use the name Jeu a Treize (Match of Thirteen, in reference to how many player in a rugby league side). The league would do nicely to continue to expand with the endeavor.

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