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Ten All Blacks stars were inducted into the IRB Hall of Fame at special ceremony at the annual Reunion Dinner of former All Blacks in Auckland tonight. IRB Chairman Bernard Lapasset said: "The IRB Hall of Fame recognises those who've made an indelible mark on their sport through efforts on the field of play, displays of wonderful character or through their tireless and inspirational work in driving forward their fantastic Game. Thomas Lawton, John Thornett, Ken Catchpole, David Campese, Mark Ella and George Gregan will be inducted at the inaugural IRB World Rugby Convention and Exhibit on 18.

For too long, sports in Britain have followed girls and gender lines thinking about rugby haven't had the opportunities to pursue their aspirations. The success in England last month was a turning point for women's rugby which will support a growing number of girls to play with rugby. It certainly feels like something has changed in their sport, and I'm extremely excited about only what the future holds for women's rugby.

Add in the fact she has only signed a contract to be a full time sportsman including all of the Rugby Football Union in a move that will see the national women's team paid to play for the 1st time, plus it is simple to discover why Mclean can not help but walk around with the largest smile on her face. Captaining your state to a World Cup win is a life-altering moment no matter what sport you play, which will be no different as far as Mclean might be involved.

Last year saw Mick Sullivan inducted, Martin Offiah MBE, Garry Schofield OBE and Lewis Jones into the Hall of Fame and RFL Chief Executive Nigel Wood believes now's the best time to observe the exploits and talents of the greatest heroes of Rugby League. Rugby League Cares Chairman Terry Flanagan said: They are delighted to once again work to recognise the outstanding achievements of the greatest players to every grace the game.

Now, Mandela, known affectionately to South Africans by his clan name Madiba, was wearing the No. 6 jersey of Pienaar -- the Afrikaans rugby player with whom he'd struck up a close friendship. The relationship was described by Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon in the movie "Invictus" and took rugby and the storyline of the '95 World Cup to millions unfamiliar with South Africa's game. England developed an 11-0 lead before a penalty to terminate the half was hit by Canada.

Their 33-year old forward Rochelle Clark told BBC they 'm not prone to retire until I'm a world champion." Clark was on two of the past final losing teams. It isn't that anyone has shocked, the results have been there leading up to the World Cup with wins on the tremendous states in recent spells. There are 1800 teams across England where you are welcome to provide the match a "ATTEMPT".

Rugby has it's own culture which they believe many players gain from, and Iwant to research that culture together with the show and picture non-rugby players why it is worth playing. they spent more time together with the rugby team subsequently studying for your engineering degree (first profession), however they wouldn't trade that for a second. There'll be a maximum of 2 sides relegated from every league at the ending of the season as well as the total minimum of 1 side.

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